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X-HALE Hookah is an authentic middle-eastern hookah lounge in Omaha, Nebraska with a modernized style to fit the needs for every Hookah lover in every aspect.

Our staff is very friendly, and very passionate to serve you and advise you about each flavor and taste that we offer. The Hookah session satisfaction is our goal and our target to educate our customers about Hookah’s variety of use and history with our knowledge and educated staff.

X-HALE Hookah is a very welcoming Lounge and it has a clean atmosphere and amenities. In addition, we will always be pleased to hear and listen to assist every customer. Come by to enjoy hookah, listen to music, drink coffee/tea, relax, and take advantage of our free high-speed Wi-Fi

X-hale Hookah Lounge
Hookah Lounge Omaha entrance
Hookah Omaha xhale hookah lounge


- Two people per hookah ( $5 will be charged for every additional person, smoking or not. Unless the appropriate number of hookahs are ordered)

-No alcoholic beverages allowed in the premises.

-Please do not move your hookahs. it is hazard to everyone and in the event items are broken you will be charged accordingly. $15 per broken vase, $10 per broken hose, and $6 per broken bowl. Always ask a staff member for help if a hookah needs to be moved.

-Must have a valid I.D. upon entry, there will be no exceptions.

-Appropriate clothing is requiredIn orders to keep a more traditional, family friendly environment.

-Bowls are limited to 3 sets of coals, unless a refill is purchased. A 4th set will be $2.

-Any patrons found with alcohol will be fined and asked to leave. NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES.

-You must wait until your ENTIRE party is present to be seated (No parties of more than 10 without a reservation in advance)

-Once you leave the lounge, you may not re-enter without a granted permission. 

-We reserve the right to deny and stop service at any time.


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